Sport and Soccer and Football Can Disappoint But Here is Something That Will Never Disappoint

The World Cup which is underway in South Africa is being severely criticised for its lack of skill and excitement, but also for the appalling noise from these horns.

One analyser yesterday said that he was giving his fee to charity because the game was so poor and unexciting and boring. Now, I have never heard that previously! The two broadcasters mentioned that the ‘road report’ back home in the United Kingdom would be more exciting.

There is something far wrong with soccer or football, as we cal ทางเข้าเว็บหลัก ufabet l it in Scotland.

Players are being paid absurd sums of money and they are producing very little ‘entertainment’. The tournament may improve, but the first few days have been most disappointing.

We know there will be nothing really new in the World Cup competition. There may be stunning goals and surprising disappointments, resulting in massive upsets for some fans, and there will be one winner, just as there has always been in the past.

Writing as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and a student of the Bible over many years, we know that there is nothing new under the sun.

The strips and the footgear and the type of ball may change, although when it comes to the ball, there must be a question as to whether that has been an improvement. So far it has been criticised, and not without good reason.

Under the sun, there is really nothing new. Sin and selfishness and depression and war appear to be becoming worse and worse, and the persecution of those who believe in Jesus Christ and who stand for the scriptures, as we have them in the Old and New Testament, is certainly increasing in various nations throughout the world.

There has been persecution of believers in Jesus Christ since the Day of Pentecost.

We are dealing with sin and sin appears to be abounding in virtually every walk of life.

One day this thing we call sin will pass away, but that will not happen until Jesus Christ returns.

Just as we know how the World Cup will unfold, so Almighty God knows when and how to deal with the sin of the world.

A person’s individual sin can be dealt with now. Jesus Christ shed his blood to wash away our sin and give us that opportunity to enjoy a fresh start. Jesus Christ willingly laid down his life and became the sacrificial Passover Lamb that we might be rescued and redeemed and brought from

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