Tips for Earning Gil Easily in the Final Fantasy XIV Game

Are you ready to play the adventurous Final Fantasy XIV game? Since its launch in September, this game has become an addiction among the online players. Published by Square Enix, this multiplayer online game is the 14th installment of the Final Fantasy series.

Some of the tips which I would recommend before you start playing this game are as follows:

– If you want to power your level then you should avoid getting quests from different areas. Instead you should only focus on one single area on which you are and then move to the other area, once you have finished all the quests there.

– The money which you can use while trading in this game isĀ  vip168 known as GIL. So, try to earn more and more Gil so that when you reach the level 50 you have enough of Gil left to spend on other items which will help you in benefiting your character.

– Once you master all the professions in the game, you can earn lots of Gil. This will even help you in reaching the next levels as fast as possible.

– Try to find a spot in the game where the mobs are dense and people are less so that you can reach the next level quickly.

Try these tips while playing and you can even refer to a Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide which will provide you with complete details on how to battle with the other players efficiently and reach the next level faster. Good luck and happy Playing!

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